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Financial Advisory for Business in israel

Business consulting is actually financial consulting for a business – usually an accountant is a professional consultant who provides financial advice or guidance throughout the process.
As part of this consulting, the services are many and varied and include investment management, tax planning, estate planning as well as the provision of consulting, training and planning services in the financial areas of the business. The main role of the business advisor is to help manage the entire financial issue and improve the financial situation while aiming for the goals set.

A financial advisor has the experience and expertise that will help you get the most out of your budget, they can help you assess the viability of your business model and plan strategies and timelines for the safest route to profitability.

No matter what product or service your business provides – the financial advisor will ask you the exact and right questions and find the most accurate answers to make your life easier.
Their job is to make your business more efficient and profitable by focusing on actions that will achieve results.
As business owners, managers of organizations and business companies, you have to perform and manage many roles – sometimes managing all departments, from the marketing and product development department to IT support.
You may find yourself responsible for packaging, shipments, direct customer service and logistics.
In some areas, such as managing and planning your business finances – it is best to hire professional help.
Do not take the financial / economic issue lightly as many things can go wrong.

Improper financial management, cash flow issues, delays in payments to suppliers cause many businesses to quarantine.
To maximize the business success of a business or organization one should discuss, examine and address business procedures and financial matters with a professional advisor who can provide you with insights regarding various factors like your exposure to risk, investment opportunities and savings.

Financial Crisis

Everyone recognizes the fact that reality is unpredictable
It has a lot of volatility and there are many different interests that we can not always identify – not even in retrospect.
In Israel, as in many places around the modern world, we have become accustomed to the fact that the word “crisis” is no longer considered a phrase that is not said out loud, and is no longer considered a rude word, or even that its very existence should not surprise anyone.
In such a situation, professional and advanced businesses and organizations from an organizational and professional point of view do not always avoid crisis management, they will take place in any case, so instead of ignoring them, organizations and business entities make necessary preparations and identify crisis before it breaks out, managing it. .

Studies conducted around the world claim that 75% of the crises were due to managerial glitches that the organization knew about and yet ignored.
Therefore, in general, it is possible and possible to predict crisis events in advance, if one operates according to orderly procedures and does not allow the ongoing and normal work of the organization to hide the warnings and warning bells.

The optimal process for crisis management, professional and correct, includes a number of steps, the purpose of which is to minimize as much as possible the potential damage inherent in the crisis and subsequently even to gain profit for the organization.

Preparations in advance before the outbreak of the crisis:
In order to reduce the damage inherent in the crisis and the extent of its impact on the organization, it is advisable to pre-define a risk management team.
The role of the team will be to locate and warn in advance of the risks, prepare action plans in a wide variety of situations, and define roles in each situation and event.
Proper and professional action of such a team will even lead to the end of the crisis already in its early stages.

The organization should prepare a long-term strategic work plan, (but also short-term plans), characterize the organization’s structure and emphasize its weaknesses, develop internal communication channels, establish contacts and external professional communication channels with factors that can help the organization in times of crisis and of course define work procedures In any situation and malfunction.

One of the most difficult things for an organization is the very identification of the crisis, its severity, and its consequences.
Therefore, it is important to remember that every crisis has lights and warning signs.
Professional management of the organization depends on recognizing these signs as soon as they start, which will lead to the elimination of the crisis in its early stages.

It is highly recommended to seek the help of professional consultants who will manage the crisis.
These consultants are able to more easily identify the sources of the crisis, understand where the gaps between the organization and these sources are, bridge them and thus bring the crisis to an end as quickly as possible.

True effective and efficient crisis management in an organization can be conducted in several aspects simultaneously:
 – In the media, on social networks.
 – At the internal-organizational level (in front of employees, suppliers and customers)
 – In front of the board of directors and shareholders.

Many studies have shown the public understands that there are sometimes glitches, and it supports companies and organizations that publicize the existence of the crisis at its onset while taking responsibility and managing it until it is resolved.
Unlike other cases where the organizations, ignored, deceived, or tried to hide rumors.

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