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Zohar Bar Chen, founder

CPA , LLM, performance-driven, strong leadership capabilities, with a proven track record of over 15 years in global high-tech companies with expertise in High tech, SaaS, and Technology industry. Founder of AccountX – leading financial boutique.
Lecturer and member in the Israeli Innovation committee

Financial Services for tens of Israeli and foreign technological and Service companies including:

  • CFO as a Services 
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll services
  • Annual Tax Return
  • Local and International Tax Planning
  • Fund raising
  • National and European tax incentives

Member of Israeli Certified accountant committee for Innovation and Fintech

  • Established the finance and accounting infrastructure as a SaaS Provider.
  • Fundraising – raised capital from investors for the R&D and growth activity
  • Responsibility for the operation and IP and Tax aspects. Supporting the online activity, and responsibility for the legal aspects, data providers, and regulations.
  • Significant Achievement establishing the company and fund raising, IP sell.

The Firm services include: ongoing bookkeeping services, standing and representation in front of the tax authorities, ongoing consulting at every stage, preparation of reports and annual reports which the businesses are required to file with the income tax.
The firm serves a wide range of businesses in various fields, from the fields of industry, high-tech, biomed, cleantech, trade organizations, and freelancers.

Our service begins first of all with knowing the customer, understanding his needs and familiarity with the industry in which the customer operates and continues throughout the life of the business, starting with opening a file, managing accounts, and handling and consulting tax, preparing the annual report and representing the tax authorities in cases of objections.
Our office is linked online to the tax authorities, which makes it possible to provide quality and fast service to these authorities. 

Accounting Services

One of the biggest problems when it comes to taxation, is the limited understanding and knowledge of ordinary and normative citizens when it comes to the many laws and tax regulations that apply to them.
On the one hand, employees are in a situation where the day-to-day management of accounts and salaries is done for them automatically and covertly.
On the other hand, self-employed people, organizations and commercial companies are required to deal with the issue on a regular basis so that they are not considered to be acting illegally when it comes to taxation.

An accountant who is also well versed in international taxation can also help in these cases for citizens of other countries, whose economic activity also takes place here, in Israel.
Observance of the tax laws and tax payments required by law, prevent unnecessary situations, unnecessary pressures of the tax authorities to the point of severe sanctions.

Israeli tax laws are not similar / identical to other international tax laws or the laws and regulations of other countries.
On the other hand, there are taxes that work in a similar way even if the rates vary from state to state.
Such as income tax which is a seller tax and similar in different countries.
Having said that, it is important to understand that each country requires its citizens to pay different tax rates, while each citizen (self-employed / business) is associated with the payment of different tax brackets.

Tax evasion is considered a serious offense both in Israel and abroad, even if the offense was committed in good faith and not out of a desire to hide from the state the money / payments due to it.

Therefore, if your activity combines commercial economic activity or business in Israel and other countries, or if you need professional Israeli tax professional advice because your activity also includes economic conduct in Israel,
You owe international tax accountant consulting services to avoid unnecessary mistakes and complications.

Accounting and Money management

During the life cycle of an organization, business, company, small or large, it encounters a wide range of accounting and financial challenges.
These challenges require extensive and professional knowledge, the ability to cope financially, by an expert, which is usually not profitable to employ on a regular basis and therefore you will not usually find in small and medium-sized companies.
Large organizations and companies often employ accounting, finance and entire account management departments.

Business owner, organization manager, company owner
You are welcome to use the services of the Finance and Accounting Department in our firm, by experienced accountants and economists who have served as accountants and financial managers in well-known companies in the Israeli economy.
The service allows the use of an experienced financial manager, to the extent determined according to the needs of the business, and create a competitive advantage for the company, by using advanced financial management and control tools at a minimum cost.

Among the services offered by the department:
Planning and control of cash flow.
Preparation of an annual budget
Budget control
Profit center management and control.
Dealing with the banking system and managing the customer’s banking obligation.
A variety of management reports in different sections.
Guided by the customer’s collection department.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a strategy in which an organization, company or business, makes intelligent use of legal tools in order to reduce / decrease or even eliminate the tax rates that apply to an individual or the company.
In general it can be noted that these are various legal tools that include, inter alia, exploitation of: tax relief, exemptions granted by law to various groups and populations, credits that organizations are entitled to, loopholes, errors or defects in law that can be exploited, legal interpretation, and other legal tools.

It is important to note that in order to do tax planning well, such that the tax authorities will receive without appeal, professional tax planning professionals, professionals who work in the field of taxation in Israel and also know the overall dynamics of the process, such as an expert tax lawyer, experienced accountant or senior tax advisor .

Tax planning is a mechanism that is usually done when there are a number of different options for making a deal that will result in different levels of taxation on the deal.

Through tax planning, it is possible to compare the tax results of the various courses of action, in order to choose from them the way that will lead to the greatest tax savings.

Avoiding the use of tax planning may oblige the taxpayer to pay tax that he could have been spared if he had used tax planning in the first place.

It is important to note that not only is the use of tax planning a legal right, but it is also a professional duty imposed on tax experts towards their clients, according to which they must plan their clients’ transactions so that they are as tax-free as possible. That is, they will be charged as little tax as possible.


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